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Mauritius is an open and liberalized country

La stabilité politique de l'Ile Maurice depuis son indépendance en 1968 en fait un exemple pour tout le continent africain.

Considering investing or investing in real estate in a foreign country requires a very high level of trust, especially when one is about to retire. Mauritius is a country historically very stable since its independence in 1968. Governments follow one another alternately in a democratic and transparent way in the context of a well-rooted parliamentary democracy. Mauritius is a true pole of stability in Africa and the Indian Ocean.

Mauritius has a very good reputation and an excellent image at the world level with regard to Ethics and Good Governance. Mauritius is a signatory to the United Nations Convention against Corruption and a member of the International Court of Justice. Mauritius is also a member of the United Nations since April 1968, the WTO since January 1995, the Commonwealth, the Francophonie, the African Union, Member of the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) and the International Center for Investment Litigation Regulations.

Mauritius is the most liberalized country on the African continent and the most friendly for business, the separation of powers and the concern for good governance guarantee respect for civil liberties. It shows the great vitality of civil society, the independence of the media, and the independence of the judicial system and political power offering in practice the same guarantees to foreigners as to Mauritian citizens. 

Mauritius is a democratic country

It is no coincidence that political stability favors openness and sustained economic growth. The business environment is both very favorable to investors and foreign nationals and very well framed legally. Tax policy is particularly attractive.

Very few countries in the world can offer all these characteristics over the long term, which characterizes the possibility of seizing very good opportunities for secure investments, including real estate, to build or rebuild a heritage to pass on to future generations, while decreasing its value. taxation and residing at will in this small paradise island.

In other words, invest in Mauritius is investing in a dynamic economy but also and especially in a country with a stable, secure, historically very close to France and England in an idyllic environment! 

In addition to the "Mauritian whites" of French origin established for several generations, Mauritius hosts a large community of French expatriates, not less than 11,000 people, living in Mauritius for good professional reasons, family or for retirement.

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